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Become a partner lawyer
Become a partner lawyer
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The SwissAttorneysOnline platform is open to all Swiss lawyers registered on a cantonal Register. The registration to the platform is free and allows to open up to a new category of clients, namely that of Internet users.

A partnership that benefits everyone

SwissAttorneysOnline offers lawyers an additional dimension of contact with clients, while respecting the rules of confidentiality and professional ethics.

Registering to the platform offers the following benefits:

  • opening up to a new client base
  • minimising operating costs
  • management of a legal virtual office
  • referencing throughout the Swiss territory
  • respect for professional secrecy through high standards of data security and confidentiality
  • compliance with the professional code of ethics
  • proximity to the client
Simple and effective functionality

With SwissAttorneysOnline, each lawyer has a personalised profile equivalent to a real virtual office. The platform enables lawyers to:

  • create a personal profile with photo
  • mention the fields of competence, diplomas and certificates obtained
  • freely determine the amount of his/her fees and his/her response time
  • manage requests for consultation
  • view the history of mandates and transactions
  • disable the profile at any time.

A lawyer with a profile on SwissAttorneysOnline receives requests for consultation from clients in four ways: written consultation, telephone consultation, instant chat or videoconferencing and by the making of appointments.

Rates without surprises

Registration for the platform is free.

SwissAttorneysOnline receives a contribution to the running costs of the platform, the amount of which is defined in section 3.23 of the General Conditions - lawyers. The said participation is due only in the case of acceptance of a mandate by the lawyer and is deducted directly from the payment paid by the client.

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